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AI On Any Device

Hundreds of Deep Learning Models Tuned for Popular Use Cases and Devices

Want to see what AI on device can do? Download the Xnor SDK and find out.

The SDK has everything you need to start building ML models for edge devices.

Here’s what you get in our development kit

  • icon checklist
    Technical documentation to answer your questions and get you working quickly
  • icon tree
    Pre-tuned models based on speed and memory footprint across a number of hardware targets
  • icon speedometer
    A benchmarking tool that helps you gauge the performance of your models
  • icon windows
    A set of samples (counters, visualizers, etc.) available in Python, C, and Swift

Customize an ML model for the task and hardware of your choice

We’ve built more than 100 custom ML models, specifically for on device AI, across popular use cases and hardware targets that are tuned for different speed and memory specifications. With AI2GO, you can build smart edge devices that have the ability to detect left behind objects in cars, classify in-stock food in a refrigerator, or can detect when a person is at the front door.

  • Build your custom ML model

    To begin, start by selecting your hardware target

    Please note: We currently support only the most popular hardware platforms. However, we’re always adding more. Let us know if you’d like to see one.

Xnor’s highest performing models are available to our enterprise customers. As part of our enterprise offerings, Xnor conducts data collection and annotation services, custom training and delivers our highest performing XBs optimized for your hardware and use case specific environment.